Phoenix, Arizona Hot Air Balloon Rides

Apex Balloons is one of the most personal, dynamic, exciting and experienced hot air balloon companies in the country. We have been providing safe, enjoyable hot air balloon flights in various regions of the United States for over fifteen years. We offer hot air balloon flights in the Phoenix & Scottsdale Arizona area with the same commitment to service that our guests have come to expect. We schedule and fly hot air balloon rides in Arizona seven days a week from October through May, with balloon flights launching daily at sunrise, weather permitting. Late afternoon sunset flights are available during the cooler months of November through March.

Phoenix Hot Air Balloon Ride Reservations

We are not a large hot air balloon company - in fact, we are entirely owner/pilot operated - and we firmly believe that allows us to offer a more personal experience over the "big box" balloon companies out there that operate almost on an assembly line basis, handling many dozens of passengers daily. We prefer to operate on a smaller scale, which allows us to offer a much more personalized and unique hot air balloon ride experience. Despite our small size, we are an established hot air balloon company with many years of experience. Thousands of smiling faces have joined us in flight for an unforgettable experience that can hardly be surpassed. Check out what our past balloon flight guests have said about their flights!

Owner and chief pilot Jon Radowski is proud of our absolutely immaculate safety record throughout our history in hot air ballooning, and strives to make your balloon flight as safe, as enjoyable, and as memorable as possible. When you call to ask questions or schedule your flight, you'll talk directly to one of our pilots, not a secretary or answering service who doesn't have first-hand knowledge of the realities of hot air ballooning in Arizona. Click here to read why else we firmly believe our balloon flights and service are the best available.

Take a break and suspend reality...

When you're engrossed in a good work of art, a phenomenon called "suspension of disbelief" often takes over, allowing the viewer to accept certain fantastic elements in the name of entertainment. A similar occurrence tends to happen while ballooning: "Suspension of Reality." Aboard a hot air balloon in flight, the real world seems to pause, and a dreamlike sort of fantasy dimension springs to life. Problems and worries melt away, and nothing much really seems to matter as you take on a new way of seeing the world from your vantage point high in the sky. There's no way to accurately describe the feeling of a hot air balloon flight other than to say it's nothing like you'd expect. There's no motion, no sense of height, no fear involved. The only way to truly understand this remarkable feeling of freedom is to experience it.

Following the traditions of the early ballooning aeronauts, we will embark on a serene journey highlighted by moments of excitement and surprise. As our guests of honor high above the Sonoran Desert, your hot air balloon flight is guaranteed to be memorable, breathtaking and above all else, safe.

We begin by unfurling the hot air balloon's seemingly delicate ripstop nylon envelope and attaching it to the basket. You are welcome to join our ground crew if you'd like the unique experience of assisting with setup and inflation of the hot air balloon, or you may choose to oversee or snap photos from a less-involved position. A powerful fan is used to introduce air into the ten-story envelope, and it billows with color, quickly multiplying in size in the crisp morning air. Soon enough the burner is turned on, breathing life into the now fully-inflated hot air balloon as it stands vertical and begins to tug skyward. You then step aboard, and before you realize it, the balloon is airborne with hardly a jostle. Your magical journey begins!

Imagine that you are floating weightless like a cloud high in the sky, drifting peacefully with the breeze. The vast panorama below you stretches endlessly from horizon to horizon, a sight unparalleled by any other in this world. The next minute you are skimming low over the desert, stirring up jackrabbits as you view another rarely-seen perspective of the magnificent earth. Awestruck humans and wildlife below look up in wonder at your beautiful and mysterious chariot of the sky. This effortless state of flight is some of what you’ll experience on an Arizona hot air balloon ride in Phoenix with Apex Balloons!

Flight time can range from 45 to 90 minutes, with most of our hot air balloon rides averaging over an hour in the air. The entire experience will span approximately three to four hours from the meeting time. At the conclusion of our wonderful ballooning adventure, we will indulge in a traditional champagne celebration to toast our successful flight. Each group of passengers leaves as new friends rather than just customers. See what others are saying about their balloon flights with us on the feedback page!

What's So Special About Apex Balloons?

We live for this. In short, ballooning is our life, our love, our full-time occupation, and reason for existing. Experience counts for everything in ballooning, and our pilots come with all the highest qualifications and a minimum of a decade of flight experience each. We take pride in our perfect safety record and state-of-the-art equipment. Everything we do is in the interest of our guests' safety and enjoyment. It's more than a job - it's a lifelong devotion to sharing the wondrous beauty that is what hot air ballooning is all about.

We are fully insured by an A-rated hot air balloon insurance carrier, and all our pilots attend (and sometimes present at) industry safety seminars to fulfill personal and professional continuing education goals. Our hot air balloons are checked meticulously each time before they fly, are maintained regularly, inspected and overhauled yearly, and comply with all FAA regulations pertaining to standard passenger-carrying aircraft. However, that's the bare minimum you should expect of all hot air balloon companies.

So, how are we any different? Why choose us? There are a number of other hot air balloon companies in the Phoenix & Scottsdale areas. We're all pretty friendly, and our balloons are all beautiful. Some have been in business for much longer than we've been offering balloon flights in the Valley of the Sun. You'll find that a few even charge less than we do! Ballooning in Arizona is so enjoyable that you will likely have a good time no matter who you choose to fly with, but we truly believe our balloon flights are the best that can be experienced. We offer what we consider the most fulfilling and fun balloon flight possible at a reasonable price (our rates are at the bottom of this page). If you're shopping around based on price, you'll certainly be liable to find a cheap hot air balloon ride elsewhere... We wish you the best of luck. Just remember, that old adage holds true: "You get what you pay for!"

We try to fly higher, longer, and with a more varied array of unique flight experiences than you may receive elsewhere. We try to launch our hot air balloons from locations in Phoenix which allow us to fly over and amongst the many foothills and small mountains in the area, and not just the flat, open, unchanging desert or endless cookie-cutter housing developments found in some areas. We'll always try to fly as long as conditions safely permit - and not just calling it a day as soon as your minimum allotted time is reached. We'll fly as high as possible on all balloon flights to give a grand panoramic view of the entire Phoenix & Scottsdale metro area as well as the surrounding mountains. All the little touches that we try to add to each and every balloon flight are what makes it positively fun and special for you as well as us. For us, it's not just a job - it's the time of our lives!

On top of what we offer in the air, our pilots and crew are all genuinely down-to-earth, fun people, which makes it easy for you to have a great time with us. We've never had anyone leave who wasn't smiling - and that includes pilots, crew, as well as passengers! It might sound a little corny, but we'll go above & beyond to make your flight absolutely perfect in every way. The bottom line is that a hot air balloon flight is an adventure most folks may only try once in their lifetime. Would you be willing to take the chance that it won't be everything it should be, and more?

We look forward to sharing a truly wonderful experience with you.

Jon Radowski, Owner & Chief Pilot

Phoenix Hot Air Balloon Ride Reservations

Special Events & Group Flights

For occasions such as conventions, trade shows, corporate functions, company outings, team-building adventures, workshops, family gatherings, weddings and other special events, we specialize in large group hot air balloon flight excursions. We can accommodate parties of 30 or more with advance notice. Large groups will be taken aloft in multiple hot air balloons, offering the atmosphere and excitement of a private hot air balloon festival! Our largest balloons are capable of carrying up to 12 at a time in luxurious, comfortably-padded baskets. It's recommended to plan at least two weeks in advance for group flights, although we will always do our best to accommodate last-minute bookings.

Hot Air Balloon Engagements & Weddings

A hot air balloon flight above the Arizona desert is a very adventurous way to propose to your significant other. An exclusive flight for two will guarantee the basket to yourselves - with plenty of room to get down on one knee. She'll remember the moment forever! Let us know if you have special requests, and we will do everything in our power to make your hot air balloon proposal perfect in every way.

We also offer spectacular hot air balloon weddings. Chief pilot Jon Radowski is an ordained minister and can officiate the ceremony, or you may wish to have your own officiant perform your marriage. The ceremony can be conducted either in the air or on the ground prior to liftoff. The marrying couple, minister and two witnesses - one of which can be the pilot - can all be carried in the basket of one balloon with room for six to eight more family and friends. Entire wedding parties can be carried aloft in one or multiple balloons. Please call for current wedding flight rates.


We're not afraid to list the prices for our Phoenix hot air balloon rides upfront. It saves time and aggravation on your part, and it allows us more time to speak with potential customers over the phone and answer the many questions folks normally have. We also understand that most people are looking for the best possible deal, and that's perfectly natural. With that in mind, our prices are certainly not the cheapest out there, but we firmly believe that you get what you pay for - and not all hot air balloon rides in Phoenix are the same. If you're comfortable entrusting your life to the "lowest bidder" on a shorter balloon flight than normal or a cookie-cutter experience, we're certain you'll have no trouble finding such a flight. Good luck!

The Private Flight option means your group of 2, 3 or more will be the only passengers on board (plus the pilot, of course!). Private flights for more than four passengers are available.

Shared or Private flights with 4 or more passengers will take advantage of group discounts which become greater as the number of passengers booked in your group increases. The more guests in your group, the cheaper it gets for each person. Click any BOOK NOW link (<--like this one!) to check the actual pricing for any flight situation.

Phoenix Arizona Hot Air Balloon Ride Prices

Shared Flight
(Your group will share the basket with other groups of passengers)
Morning Flight
Price Per Person
Afternoon Flight*
Price Per Person
Shared Flight (1-3 passengers) $195/$175 $250/$225
Shared Flight (4-5 passengers) $175/$165 $200/$190
Shared Flight (6-8 passengers) $165/$155 $195/$185
Shared Flight (9+ passengers) $155/$145 $185/$175

Children's Discount:
$25 discount per child (age 5-12) from all prices listed above.

Children under 5 years of age cannot fly. Children must be at least 48" tall and MUST be well-behaved. If you're not 100% sure your child is excited to go on a balloon ride, there's a possibility they won't enjoy it as much as you think they will, and in some cases they could be afraid of the experience. The balloon burners are loud and give off radiant heat, which can scare young children. If we have to leave a child on the ground, an adult in the group will have to stay on the ground with them. For this reason, it is paramount you BE SURE your child will want to fly. Please call us if you have any questions.

*Afternoon flights are available from Oct. 15 - March 31 and have a higher cancellation rate than morning flights due to wind conditions. We always recommend the morning flight for a higher chance of better weather and longer flight time.

Probability of Morning Flights = Approximately 95%
Probability of Afternoon Flights = 50-70% (depending on month)

Private Flight Morning Flight
Total Price
Afternoon Flight*
Total Price
2 Passengers

Prices Temporarily Discounted due to COVID-19 Outbreak


Prices Temporarily Discounted due to COVID-19 Outbreak


3 Passengers $1095/$945 $1200/$1050
4 Passengers $1300/$1100 $1400/$1200
5 Passengers $1450/$1250 $1550/$1350
6 Passengers $1596/$1398 $1698/$1500
7 Passengers $1750/$1547 $1855/$1645
8 Passengers $1900/$1700 $2000/$1800
9 Passengers $2097/$1800 $2205/$1899
10 Passengers $2145/$1925 $2145/$1925
11+Passengers Click Here Click Here

*Afternoon flights are available from Oct. 15 - March 31 and have a higher cancellation rate than morning flights due to wind conditions. We always recommend the morning flight for a higher chance of better weather and longer flight time.

Probability of Morning Flights = Approximately 95%
Probability of Afternoon Flights = 50-70% (depending on month)

All flights include the following:

• Average flight time of over one hour in duration (flight time may range from 45 to 90 minutes, occasionally longer if conditions require)
• Special post-flight champagne toast ceremony and refreshments. Non-alcoholic refreshments always available.
• Personalized Flight Certificate
• Memories to last a Lifetime!

Hot air balloon flight prices shown above are current through 5/2020. Prices are subject to change at any time. There are no hidden or extra fees, and no taxes. Tips or gratuities are not mandatory, but are always appreciated if you feel we offered an exceptional experience.

Phoenix Hot Air Balloon Ride Reservations

Hot Air Balloon Festivals

Apex Balloons' chief pilot Jon Radowski attends a number of hot air balloon festivals each year. Flights are available at most of these events. Balloon festivals can range in size from small rallies with less than 10 balloons, to grandiose gatherings with hundreds! It's always a tremendous thrill to be surrounded in flight by other hot air balloons, and the photo opportunities afforded are absolutely terrific. Contact us for availability and pricing at any balloon event listed below.

Hunterdon Hills Playhouse hot air balloon liftoff
Over 100 hot air balloons and special shapes lift off during the Saturday morning mass ascension at the 2008 New Jersey Festival of Ballooning

Our 2014 Balloon Festival Schedule:

Number of Balloons
Experimental Balloon & Airship Meet Post Mills, VT
Rio Grande Classic / New Mexico State Hot Air Balloon Championship Albuquerque, NM
Saratoga Balloon & Craft Festival Saratoga Springs, NY
Quick Chek New Jersey Festival of Ballooning Readington, NJ
July 28-31 Warren County Farmers' Fair Balloon Festival
Harmony, NJ
Spiedie Fest & Balloon Rally
Binghamton, NY
28 - Sept 1
Festival de Montgolfières de Gatineau
Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
Kiwanis Club of South Central Indiana Balloon Festival Bloomington, IN
Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
Albuquerque, NM